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The Direction générale de la création artistique – General Direction of Artistic Creation (DGCA) was created with the intention to support research and creative arts. It facilitates the promotion of all artistic disciplines, develops policies for the purchasing of artworks and contributes to the development of networks for the creation and dissemination of performing and visual arts. Inaugurated on 13 January 2010 when the Direction de la musique, de la danse, du théâtre et des spectacles and the Délégation aux arts plastiques merged into a combined structure, the DGCA promotes activities via its strong network of institutions and projects throughout France and through its support of important national and international art festivals and biennials.

Throughout the year the city of Paris develops a shared contemporary art policy. The Paris Municipal Contemporary Art Collection (FMAC), the Nuit Blanche event, the implementation of artworks in public space, exhibitions offered by museums and various cultural facilities of the city of Paris allow the general public to freely access the art scene. Paris is also committed to supporting artists, to empowering them with the means to create and to accompanying those who promote them. Because galleries are essential cultural actors and key players in this cultural vitality, the city of Paris is proud to have been partnered with Paris Gallery Weekend since its creation.

The Institut français is a public institution responsible for French cultural actions abroad. Its initiatives cover various artistic fields, intellectual exchanges, cultural and social innovation, and linguistic cooperation. Throughout the world, it promotes the French language, as well as he mobility of artworks, artists and ideas, and thus works to foster cultural understanding.
The Institut français, under the aegis of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, actively contributes to France’s soft diplomacy. Its projects and programs take local contexts into account and can be successfully implemented thanks to the vast network of the French Embassies’ cultural services, as well as the many Instituts français and Alliances Françaises present across five continents.

Located between Paris and Versailles and facing the Seine, the Manufacture de Sèvres has been active since the 18th century. The venue enjoys international prestige for the qualities of its porcelain and its craftsmanship. With the creative input of its invited artists, it is a unique hub for artistry, shapes and colors. Furthermore, the Manufacture serves as a place of excellence, transmission, and innovation. The École de Sèvres welcomes apprentices completing the Artisan Crafts Diploma, training new artisans in the trades taught at the Manufacture.

The National Ceramics Museum is attached to the Manufacture, a space created in 1824 by Alexandre Brongniart, then director of the Manufacture. As the very first museum dedicated to the “arts du feu”, it is an endless source of inspiration for artisans, creators, collectors, and visitors. Ceramics from around the world and from all time periods are preserved and exhibited.

In the Museum, the Showroom is a private space where enthusiasts and collectors can discover the unique creations of the Manufacture by appointment. The Sèvres Gallery in Paris, situated close to the Palais Royal, hosts temporary exhibitions of the Manufacture’s creations throughout the year. The Manufacture also participates in major international art fairs.

The Mobilier National has been a supporter of the arts and crafts since the 17th century. Its mission is to ensure the conservation and restoration of its unique collections, and to perpetuate and transmit exceptional know-how. The institution is also a major player in contemporary creation and the promotion of French decorative arts.

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Established in 2021 by Paul-Emmanuel Reiffers, Founder-President of Mazarine, a communication group specializing in luxury, art, and culture, Reiffers Art Initiatives is an endowment fund for young contemporary creation and cultural diversity. With an international artistic committee composed of recognized personalities from the art and culture world, the fund aims to showcase and provide visibility to the emerging figures of contemporary art of tomorrow. Reiffers Art Initiatives initiates several actions each year, including a mentorship exhibition between a young talent and an internationally renowned artist during Paris+ by Art Basel, and a collective exhibition in spring, which takes place at the Acacias Art Center.

The Palais de Tokyo is one of the most significant contemporary art centers in Paris and in Europe. Open every day from 12pm to 10pm, except Tuesday, it is a vibrant space for the artists of today, functioning as a unique exhibition space which showcases the best contemporary creations throughout the year.

A rebellious wasteland disguised by its appearance of a palace, an ever-changing anti-museum, the Palais de Tokyo has kept Paris on its toes since 2002. Both accessible and demanding, generous and precise, warm and radical, poetic and transgressive, it is a space of learning, experiences, emotions, and life; a space which gives way to the unexpected and which makes the impossible possible. 

Far from being a mausoleum contributing to the canonization of the French-speaking Belgian cultural heritage, the Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles is a catalyst and reference point for contemporary Belgian artistic creation as well as for the art ecosystem of all disciplines. The Center’s mandate is to promote and highlight the work of artists based in the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, through a desanctuarizing and cross-disciplinary programming. It therefore ensures the promotion of emerging and established talents. This encourages stimulating international co-productions and partnerships while drawing attention to the Belgian art scene.

Beaux-Arts de Paris is a place of artistic instruction and experimentation, exhibitions and conservation of historical and contemporary collections, as well as a publishing house. It houses 450,000 artworks and manages one of the largest libraries dedicated to contemporary art. Placed under the direction of the Ministry of Culture, the School has a preparatory class called Via Ferrata and trains professional artists, occupying an essential place on the contemporary art scene. 

In accordance with the educational principles that have always been in place at Beaux-Arts de Paris, education is provided in workshops under the guidance of renowned artists, in addition to a range of theoretical and technical teachings. Being acutely aware of the economic and social reality of its community, Beaux-Arts de Paris also aims to create bridges between student life and professional life, fostering encounters and exchanges. Two tracks are aimed at the professional integration of students:

“Artists & Exhibition-related practices”

and “Fresco & Art in situation.”

The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature was inaugurated on February 21st 1967 by André Malraux in the Hôtel de Guénégaud, a 17th-century historical monument built by François Mansart. It was expanded in 2007 to its neighboring building, the Hôtel de Mongelas, originating from the 18th century. After this renovation and expansion, the museum now “exhibits” the relationship between humans and animals throughout the times, from antiquity to the present day. It relies on the exceptional collections of ancient, modern, and contemporary art brought in by its founders, a collections that has continually grown over the last half century. As a private museum, it benefits from the label “Musée de France” granted by the Ministry of Culture.

Jeu de Paume is an art centre and a place of reference for the dissemination of images of all forms, from photography to cinema, video and digital creations. At a time when thousands of photos are exchanged via digital networks, Jeu de Paume reflects on the place of images in art and society, both in terms of their production and their distribution as well as their reception in visual culture. The space highlights the great masters of photography alongside emerging artists, making it a place of discovery that cannot be missed.

The Foundation Fiminco has taken over an extraordinary former industrial site in Romainville, on the outskirts of Paris, to turn it into a creative space for artists from around the world while being open to all audiences. Inaugurated in 2019, it hosts international artist residencies. The residencies are focused on research and creation and provide artists with production studios, technical workshops and living spaces. Artists are supported by the Foundation’s internal teams in the development of their practice and in the dissemination of their work.

Le Frac Île-de-France, the Regional Fund for Contemporary Art in Île-de-France follows its mission to support the creation of contemporary art through the enrichment and dissemination of its collection (over 2100 works), a program of exhibitions and events, as well as mediation activities targeted to at all types of audiences.

The entire program aims to project a shared and polyphonic message, co-constructed with its internal teams, artists, partners, and audiences, building on their practice and a sharing of resources, and mutual respect. Via its two locations, Le Plateau in Paris and Les Reserves in Romainville, as well as thanks to its activities throughout the Île-de-France region in high schools alongside a network of partners in the cultural, nonprofit, and medical-social fields, the Frac Île-de-France prioritizes co-creation, amateur practices, and direct encounters with artists.


Since 1977, the Centre Pompidou has continually been a place deeply rooted in the city of Paris as well as being open to the world and its innovations. The iconic building houses the richest collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe, one of the two largest in the world, and it organises exhibitions, symposiums, festivals, performances, screenings, and workshops for young audiences. The Centre Pompidou’s extremely diverse programming, at the intersection of disciplines and audiences, attracts over 3.5 million visitors each year. True to its commitment to make culture and creation accessible to as many people as possible, it is expanding its presence in France and on an international scale.

Since opening in Paris in 1998, the Fondation d’entreprise Pernod Ricard has been actively fostering the growth of the French art scene both nationally and internationally. While holding no collection of its own, its identity is shaped by the people who instill life into the fondation everyday: artists, curators, authors, intellectuals… It thereby reflects the diversity of artistic creation, with its heart beating to the rhythm of all types of art.

In 1999, the Prix Fondation d’entreprise Pernod Ricard was created, the first prize to recognize young artists of the contemporary French scene.

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Since 2013, Les galeries pour tous has been accompanying the public in the discovery of art galleries, contemporary art fairs, artists’ studios and alternative venues for the dissemination of Parisian and international art.

From a chic gallery in the Marais to the disused factories of Aubervilliers, via the monumental exhibitions of the Venice Biennials, the lecturers will help the public discover the many faces of current creation.

A l’heure de la visibilisation toujours plus forte de la scène contemporaine africaine, l’association Pour l’art pour l’Afrique présente la quatrième édition de son événement Traversées africaines qui se déroulera du 14 mai au 2 juin 2024. Pour la quatrième année consécutive, le public est convié à la rencontre des artistes et des œuvres issus du continent africain et de sa diaspora à travers un parcours dans une trentaine de galeries parisiennes et franciliennes, musées et centres d’art. L’évènement est soutenu par la Région Ile-de-France et la ville de Saint-Ouen.

The Culture Pass is made up of two complementary schemes: an individual part and a collective part. The individual part allows young people aged 15 to 18 to benefit from a virtual credit to finance all their cultural desires through an application. They receive 20 euros at age 15, 30 euros at ages 16 and 17, and 300 euros at age 18, for a total of 380 euros to buy books, go to the movies, discover exhibitions or attend shows, buy a musical instrument or drawing materials, etc. The application refers to a large number of offers, both paid and free, available throughout France. The collective part, intended for all students from 6th grade to 12th grade, allows high schools to finance artistic and cultural education activities, either by taking students to cultural venues or by hosting artists in the schools.

Founded in 2017, Thanks for Nothing is an association that brings together artists and actors of the art world to develop artistic and solidarity-driven projects with a major impact on society.

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Our passion for contemporary drawing has given birth to two distinct branches of activity. We invite you to discover our art division and our collection of Parisian hotels all inspired by contemporary artists: the Drawing Hotel – Louvre and the Drawing House – Montparnasse. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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Since 1947, the Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art represents galleries in France and defends their interests with politicians, institutional representatives and administrative authorities. It takes part in the elaboration of art market regulations and contributes to cultural policies favouring the development of the whole sector. The Committee informs and advises its 290 member galleries, first and second market galleries, from antique dealers to contemporary art galleries, on the specifics of their status and obligations, accompanying them on technical matters. For several years now, the Professional Committee of Art Galleries has been involved in major cultural events in order to build a better visibility of art galleries, true partners of artistic creation. It also works to develop the French art scene internationally.